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About Pilgrimage to Lourdes:

Pilgrimage to Lourdes was started and designed for people
who would not or could not otherwise travel to Lourdes by themselves. Lourdes is a very special place. When you arrive in the small town in the South of France, almost immediately, you begin to feel the presence of The Blessed Mother as well as St. Bernadette. This feeling comes from all of the people you encounter who have traveled to Lourdes for the hope and promise of a very private and
spiritual connection with Mary the Mother of God and St. Bernadette. On one of his last journeys (August 2004) from the Vatican, Pope John Paul II, made his second Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Pope John Paul II had a very special connection with Our Lady of Lourdes, which he spoke of often. Pope Benedict XVI just recently visited Lourdes September 13-15, 2008 for the 150th Anniversary of the apparitions.

Lourdes is visited by many pilgrims who are seeking spiritual and physical freedom and relief from sickness and pain, but just as important Lourdes is also visited by those who care for the sick and handicapped. Caregivers are remarkable individuals who also need
rest and relief to nourish their bodies and souls, just as much as the sick or handicapped. On each of my trips to Lourdes, I am completely taken back when I see all of the wonderful people and families who are caring for the sick or handicapped. It is truly
inspiring. For everyone who is able to walk to the Grotto for prayer, there is one in a wheel chair or a hospital bed accompanied by a caregiver or several caregivers. And that is where Pilgrimage to Lourdes can be of service to you. Our service is completely
"Turn-Key". By this I mean, Mike Treacy, takes care of all travel plans, makes all reservations and begins and ends the journey at your home. All while affording you the privacy and personal space you require. So if you are a single, couple or family travelling together, the first day of travel I will come to your home and from there we will travel together. All you have to do is show up. All other arrangements, taxis, wheel chairs at airports and in Lourdes, hotels, public transportation, excursions and anything thing else that is needed will be taken care of for you.

If a personally guided trip is not right for you and you would just like some help planning a trip to Lourdes. Please don't hesitate to give Mike Treacy a call (USA) 1-218-244-0206 or email Mike at mike@miketreacy.com . I will be happy to help you if I can. I am certain you will be happy you took the time to travel to Lourdes. Do it for yourself or a loved one.

One day in a hospital in Duluth, MN, I awoke from a very challenging two weeks in intensive care and a complete stranger said to me: "I'm Glad You're Alive", I have never forgotten that.......MFT

Michael Treacy, ESQ
Arizona - MST - USA